The songs I write, and that I perform by others, typically revolve around either themes of loss and redemption – or have what I hope is wry wit and wordplay. Yes, sometimes I take a slanted view of society.

The way I tell the stories that run through my songs seem to have been influenced by my past life as a reporter and editor on newspapers.

I’ve been playing guitar for about 40 years, I like to think I have learned a couple of things on it.

Most of my playing revolves around the blues and blues rock, but I also have a love for a good story in a song as well as contemporary instrumental acoustic guitar – so you’ll find examples of all those in my music.

I’m a big believer in the magic of improvisation when it comes to playing, especially in solos. I grew up with a lot of jazz in the house, and almost all the players I really loved growing into guitar tended to take side roads while playing. The trick is to play at least decently if there’s no real magic, while not holding back at all when there is magic.

In ’08 I won an award for best original music for a video in a local competition. It was kind of trip hop cowboy music.

I hope you enjoy what you hear. Thank you for visiting.